Don’t fear failure

Goals are great but remember you learn more from the failures along the way. Sometimes you fly, sometimes you fall. What was easy yesterday might not be easy today. What you couldn’t do yesterday might be a breeze today. It’s nice to post the fails not just the wins. I used to excel at headstands. But I tore my rotator cuff about 5 years back and haven’t been able to hold a headstand, unassisted, since. I still try, I’m still getting closer to nailing it but, I’m just not there yet, and that’s OK!

Injuries have a way of catching up with us over time and sometimes it feels like they get in the way of our progress. Especially when they make you start from scratch. But just like a headstand you have to have a good foundation to succeed at anything, right? Taking the time to properly address and recover from an injury, even if its older, isn’t getting in the way of progress… it IS progress. Rebuilding the damaged tissue will help you more in the long run and help you reach even greater goals. Yoga asanas aren’t about the perfect headstand, as cool as it is to nail one. Its about tuning into your body to help your heart and your mind. Part of that listening into your body is to prevent injury.

So while I go through rebuilding the shoulder girdle to have the strength to support my headstands I’ll remember to celebrate the journey, the growth and the lessons I learned.

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