Here to share my own moments of movement with yoga, recipes, and of course DIY projects.

Alex LaMarsh 200 RYT & foodie

I have a passion for education and health that led me to become a 200 hour RYT yoga teacher and clean eating foodie. For years I struggled trying to balance my health and fitness with a busy career as a commercial makeup artist. I would sign up to work with personal trainers to improve my health only to experience injuries from being pushed too hard and not being listened to. I was usually hungry or unsatisfied by the diets trainers would put me on and they never felt sustainable for the long term. This was such a frustrating experience for me as it has been for so many people. One day I decided to take my health and fitness into my own hands and and this is how LaLaLamarsh was born. I believe that yoga is for every body and the road to good health is just a moment for yourself or a good meal away. I work to give you inspiration and tools to be healthier physically and mentally. Move your body, eat whole foods, and make time for things you enjoy!


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